Warisan Pendikar SDN BHD

Warisan Pendikar (WP) is amongst the largest plantation companies in Malaysia, with a land bank of close to 285,000 hectares, spread across Malaysia (Peninsular and Sabah), Indonesia (Belitung Island, Sumatra, Central and East Kalimantan).

In terms of geographical distribution, approximately 51% of the plantation landbank is located in Indonesia, 26% in Peninsular Malaysia, 15% in Sabah and 8% in Liberia.

Oil palm as the predominant crop covers 95% of the planted area and rubber covering 5%.

WP quest to increase productivity is made successful with the implementation of best practices through its Group Agricultural Policy, the use of high quality planting materials and leverage on expert agronomic advice from its highly regarded research and development associate, Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn. Bhd. (“AAR”).

The scientific evaluations and experiments undertaken ensure that field practices are agronomically and economically sound; and ecologically and environmentally friendly. AAR’s ISO 9001:2008 certified oil palm tissue culture laboratory continues to churn out high OER ramjets for the plantation.

Company Profile